541-668-1766 info@craftoregon.com

Happy COVID year! We are going to stay OPEN for this. Takeout and delivery (through Craft) will be available for food and beverages (of all kinds)! We are trying hard to keep our staff, so, THANK YOU in advance for all the support in the past and going forward. You can also get delivery through Bend Take Out. It takes a community to support a local community and I know we can do it! We are going to be open from 11:30-7pm Wednesday Thru Saturday. We are working on online orders but in the meantime just call us at 541-668-1766 and check out our menu above. We are also doing family meal packs and have some fun holiday options (ribs!) Cheers everyone!!! Let’s keep our heads up , cause we will not let this year define us! Much love: to this whole world!